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glögilämmitin 2016

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Nomad of our times

The urge to leave is part of human nature. A romantic desire to go wandering takes one’s thoughts to a time when hunting and gathering where an essential condition of life. Nowadays the yearning for adventure is an element of spare time, relaxation and togetherness. An old proverb of the nomad tribes, “without movement there is no wisdom”, describes people’s capacity to gather information along the road they travel.
A modern Finn camps in the summer house or around the kitchen table. The people for whom the call of the wild north means hunting expeditions and camping in the forest are very few. Still, the storytelling around a campfire is an important part of forming a group and being together. At best it is a ritual that leads to friendship and even lifelong companionship.

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tracks - footprints: paws  of wolverine, fox, bear, wolf and lynx.

The modern campfire is not a pile of logs and open fire. More often it is a potful of good tea or a glass of fragrant mulled wine. The important thing is enjoying these warm moments together. The Nomad tea lights by Kari Huhtamo are the perfect way to keep the pot warm through the time you spend together. The design is both elegant and practical. The combination of the candle heat and the beautiful light is inviting. Looking at the Nomad heater you’ll find yourself thinking about a moment of rest and peace, a campfire, the starlit sky and the call of the wild.
Visually the Nomad is based on footprints. The cover of the heater is cut in the shape of a paw. There are four designs: wolverine, lynx, bear and fox. A footprint in the snow gives a thrill, but it also brings fear and awe. These animals are native creatures of the forest. They walk their own paths, and a wise human being steps aside. Few people, however, would pass by a beast’s footprints on a snowy path without taking a photograph. There is a touch or archaic beauty in the footprints, they have remained the same as long as people have inhabited the Finnish peninsula. The base element of the Nomad is adorned by the footprints of our prey animals. Moose, hare and reindeer sprinkle a continuous string of footprints in the snow.
The cover of Nomad can be manufactured of three different materials. Timeless and elegant steel gives room to imagination, it reflects the surrounding atmosphere. Icy glass is like an image of the Finnish nature in wintertime. Stone makes us think of our bedrock. The different animal footprints and the various surface materials enable several alternatives to variation.
Nomad is not just an object. It revives the collective memories of an ancient way of life lived in intimate connection with nature. It creates an atmosphere for a nostalgic moment around its warm glow. As long as people gather around a fire, tell stories and learn to live together, there is hope of peace in our common world.



Kari Huhtamo
Kari Huhtamo

Sculptor Kari Huhtamo was born in 1943 in Rovaniemi, in the North of Finland. He studied at the
Institute of Industrial Arts in 1961-63 and at the Finnish Art Academy School in 1963-64. He had
his first solo exhibition in 1966 in Rovaniemi. Over the years, he has had several solo exhibitions
and participated in numerous group exhibitions in various parts of Europe and in Asia. In 2009,
he had an extensive show in the State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia. All significant public
collections in Finland include works by Kari Huhtamo.

Kari Huhtamo has gained special acclaim as a pioneer in computer-aided sculpture and in
realizing large sculpture projects. In addition to tens of abstract steel sculptures, reliefs and
mobiles, his extensive and original production also includes graphic art, tapestries, silver jewelry
and utility items like the ones in the Nomad series.


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